The Fictional Life: Newfoundland Books, Readers, and Writers

January 7th, 2013 → 4:08 pm @

Writer, broadcaster and guest host Jamie Fitzpatrick presents The Fictional Life, a two-part series featuring readers and writers in Newfoundland and Labrador..

Jamie’s guests include: Joan Clark, who reveals the perfect opening paragraph as composed by Carol Shields;Monica Kidd, explaining how Tom Robbins perfectly captures the month of February; Fred Armstrong, defending Wind in the Willows as a novel for adults; Andrew Loman, casting his vote for the best ever book-to-movie adaptation.
Also, in our panel discussions, Michael Crummey and Bernice Morgan discuss what happens when history meets fiction in the Newfoundland novel, and Kenneth J. Harvey and Edward Riche talk about myths and stereotypes in Newfoundland writing.

The Fictional Life will run on the Performance Hour Saturday January 12 and 19.

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